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Professional support groups for people living with MS. The groups meet weekly via secure online video and are moderated by an experienced coach (all licensed therapists who understand MS).

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Professional groups for the family and loved ones of people living with MS. The groups meet weekly via secure online video and are moderated by an experienced coach (all licensed therapists who understand MS).

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Wednesday Workshops

Free open-house workshops held via online video where topics of interest are presented—and questions are answered—by MS experts, every third Wednesday of the month. Open to anyone who registers. Join us Wednesday, March 24th , at 5 PM EST, as Dr. Leavitt discusses the topic "We are Social Animals: Social Support and Health in MS" and register now for the webinar.



A professional group-based program for people with MS who have a shared goal of increasing their physical activity. The groups will meet weekly and are moderated by an experienced coach (all licensed therapists who understand MS).

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Making Meaningful Connections

You are not on your own. There are others who understand what you're going through. Together we support each other. eSupport Health is for anyone, anywhere, because meaningful connections are a basic human need.


eSupport groups are the only place where I feel safe to be completely honest. Where I don’t have to put up a positive front.

What to Expect

Our professional coaches (all licensed therapists) ensure that our groups are built upon a solid foundation of mutual trust and respect. Group members are all people living with MS (or in the case of eFamily, has a loved one who does), who embrace your concerns, and challenges in the safe and welcoming environment our coaches are trained to create.



This group is just about the best thing I’ve got going in my life right now.


How does it work?

Every eSupport and eFamily session is 45 minutes long, held weekly. Sessions are conducted via video teleconferencing, allowing you to participate from anywhere with an internet connection. Our coaches, who are all licensed therapists, facilitate and guide the discussions so everyone has a chance to be heard and to share their relevant experiences.

Groups are eight people (on average) creating opportunities for you to connect and interact with the other members of the group and receive personal attention as well.

In our clinical study, 88% of people were happier after just 12-weeks of eSupport.

Research shows that people with MS visit their doctors 4-6 times per year. You don't need to come to eSupport, eSupport comes to you.

Dr. Leavitt's research shows benefits of social connections for brain health.

In our clinical study, 100% of eSupport participants after 12 weeks elect to continue meeting with their group.


Proven Outcomes

eSupport was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Victoria Leavitt at Columbia University where she listened to her patients, identified a need, and created a solution.
We’ve built this community because the best people to help you navigate this are other people living with MS. eSupport Health creates ways for people to interact virtually, sharing advice and understanding, all backed by rigorously tested science.

Supporting People Like You

Friends and family support us all the time. But in eSupport and eFamily, the people you connect with understand what you're going through — because they're going through it too.


eSupport Health groups are different. Groups are positive, and we always learn so much from each other through our shared experience.

Safe and Stress-free

Life is complicated — sometimes managing MS can feel like a full-time job. The last thing you need is another burden. eSupport Health is designed to reduce your stress. We don't ask you to come to another appointment — we bring our groups to you, wherever you are.

Our groups are available everywhere, whether you’re at home, at work, on the train — if you’re online, you’re in.

Support groups are great — especially when you don’t have to face traffic, parking, or weather to get there.

Finding time in your schedule can be really hard. We minimize the hassle by bringing your support right to you, wherever you are.


What Do I Do Now?

Browse the plans below and select the one that fits your life. After signing up, you will meet with one of our coaches for an initial one-on-one face-to-face online Q&A meeting about eSupport. All of our coaches are licensed therapists and during this Q&A we will work with you to determine a group that’s best for you and fits your schedule—a group where you will receive authentic support from people like you, experiencing similar life issues. Sign up now to get one free month and try it out.


Currently eSupport Health does not accept health insurance. However, we are actively working with healthcare insurers, with the goal of accepting insurance in the future. In the meantime, if you believe eSupport Health is covered under your existing plan as an out-of-network benefit, we will provide the information you need to submit a claim to your insurance provider.
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