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We offer face-to-face online support groups for people living with multiple sclerosis. Because life's challenges are easier with support.

eSupport Health is pleased to announce that it has been formally identified as a valuable resource for people living with MS by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Better Together

Small peer groups guided by coaches create warmth, learning, and connections through shared experiences and provide insight into better living with MS. All of our coaches are licensed therapists. Utilizing easy-to-use face-to-face video technology, people living with MS can conveniently connect with each other to provide and receive support, advice, and understanding. Research shows that support groups are one of the most effective ways to improve quality of life.

In our clinical study, 88% of people were happier after just 12-weeks of eSupport.

Research shows that people with MS visit their doctors 4-6 times per year. You don't need to come to eSupport, eSupport comes to you.

Dr. Leavitt's research shows benefits of social connections for brain health.

In our clinical study, 100% of eSupport participants after 12 weeks elect to continue meeting with their group.


Proven Outcomes

eSupport was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Victoria Leavitt at Columbia University where she listened to her patients, identified a need, and created a solution.
We’ve built this community because the best people to help you navigate this are other people living with MS. eSupport Health creates ways for people to interact virtually, sharing advice and understanding, all backed by rigorously tested science.

Making Meaningful Connections

You are not on your own. There are others who understand what you're going through. Together we support each other. eSupport Health is for anyone, anywhere, because meaningful connections are a basic human need.


eSupport groups are the only place where I feel safe to be completely honest. Where I don’t have to put up a positive front.

Committed to Your Privacy

Creating a safe, secure space for you is what we do. Every session is private and confidential, available only to the participants and coaches. Your privacy is our #1 priority — that’s our foundation. We are fully HIPAA compliant and will not rent or sell your personal information.
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Connecting People who Understand MS